Rapid RTC

Rapid RTC is a leading provider of lead management SaaS software for auto dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers ("OEMs"). The company’s two main products are Rapid! Response, which guarantees 100% response rates from inbound leads from all channels via an auction system for the dealer’s sales force, and Digital! Interview, which allows concierge personnel to connect customers to salespeople via online chat. The company also has online marketing solutions, including websites and content management products, for both OEMs and dealers. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Canada with offices in London, U.K.

Date of Investment: February 2017
Exit Date: March 2021
Exit Type: Strategic Sale
Sageview Contact(s):

Sageview Value-Add

  • Operations

    • Helped develop KPI metrics and reporting
    • Helped transition the engineering team to agile method
  • Sales & Marketing

    • Helped with compensation restructuring
    • Helped with pipeline and funnel implementation
    • Helped implement sales metrics
    • Introduced numerous OEM & dealer customers via Sageview network
  • Human Resources

    • Hired new CFO, CMO
    • Helped with country leads
    • Brough on independent Board member
  • Capital Markets

    • Bank financing
    • Partnership and M&A discussions