Ezoic is a provider of a SaaS based end-to-end platform for publishers that improves website ad earnings & visitor experiences. Ezoic helps digital publishers streamline and automate the optimization of their website layouts, ad placements, and infrastructure to improve performance and visitor experience, thereby driving higher traffic and revenue. The company was founded in 2010; and is headquartered in Carlsbad, CA.

Date of Investment: May 2020
Sageview Contact(s):

Sageview Value-Add

  • Operations

    • Helping to refine KPI metrics and financial reporting
    • Professionalizing G&A functions in preparation for larger scale
  • Sales & Marketing

    • Helping to institutionalize and scale the sales and marketing organization
    • Helping to identify new customer acquisition channels
    • Developing an enterprise account strategy
    • Introducing potential customers via the Sageview network