Fast 50 Extra-large No. 1: Pax8 sees triple-digit growth as it goes global

Pax8 is no stranger to Denver Business Journal’s awards programs. From Best Places to Work to the C-Suite Awards and right here in the Fast 50 where they took the first place spot in 2020, the company’s rapid growth, big acquisitions and global expansion are proving that major success can be found in the cloud. The Greenwood Village-based company is clocking in with 549% growth rate this year in the Extra-large category.

You’ve been on quite the acquisition streak recently. What lessons have you learned growing during such a challenging time? With each of the three acquisitions, we took a thoughtful and strategic approach. We were also executing in a virtual environment, so we hadn’t met the leadership teams face to face. At Pax8, we build a process around our acquisition strategy to ensure the companies align with our goal of driving digital transformation worldwide and creating a supportive and collaborative culture for our employees. Sharing these missions has proven critical to the smooth integrations and drives continued success.

What’s been your biggest 2021 accomplishment? 2021 has been another record-setting year for Pax8. We hired more than 350 employees, established an office in the U.K., acquired three companies, and expanded into more than 40 countries with 16 languages. However, our biggest accomplishment has been culture and how it only continues to get stronger during our significant growth. The shift to remote work forced us to re-evaluate how we interact, but it also provided opportunities to engage on a larger scale. Through the power of cloud technology, employees in different departments and countries connect daily, driving innovation companywide and expanding our culture globally.

How comfortable are you with your current growth rate? Is it something you want to maintain, speed up, or maybe ease up on or even slow down? Pax8 has experienced tremendous growth over the last several years, with no plans of slowing down. We continuously innovate to ensure our partners receive a great experience — from our technology to our people. These steps are critical to driving digital transformation globally. As companies adapt to the new hybrid workplace and reimagine their businesses post-pandemic, they will look to our partners for guidance and support in migrating to cloud technology. Pax8 will continue providing our partners advanced resources to enable their clients’ success and capitalize on this great opportunity.

How would you define your company’s “new normal”? The leadership team at Pax8 is committed to fostering a workplace where employees feel supported and empowered to produce their best work. While some people look forward to returning to the office, others prefer to remain working from home. Pax8 is embracing this hybrid culture and will accommodate the preferences of the employee. To encourage collaboration and cross-departmental engagement, we are in the process of redesigning our office to allow for hoteling, group work and hybrid meetings.

What’s your next big move? Pax8 is continuously looking for unique and exciting ways to grow our business as the center of the IT channel ecosystem, transform the IT industry and expand into new regions. We are also meticulous in ensuring every decision we make provides value to our partners and their clients. For that reason, we will continue to evaluate strategic partnerships and opportunities that empower our partners’ success and support our vision of driving the digital transformation worldwide.

What’s your No. 1 piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? As leaders, we are not always going to make the right decision for the business. We might make some wrong moves. What’s important is to learn from your mistakes and be able to pivot fast. As industries and market trends are continuously shifting, entrepreneurs must stay agile, moldable, and adaptable. You can achieve success by listening to your clients and your employees about what is working and the challenges they face.


  • 2018 revenue: $43.6 million
  • 2020 revenue: $283.4 million
  • Growth: 549%
  • Location: Greenwood Village
  • Top exec: John Street, chairman, founder, and CEO

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